EM simulation services

WiWoTech has the capability to carry out EM simulation based Signal Integrity analysis, Power Integrity analysis, EMI/EMC analysis.

Signal Integrity analysis helps engineers to quickly and accurately analyze and eliminate signal integrity and EMI/EMC design problems early in the design cycle. The interconnects operating at high frequency and fast switching rates demand SI analysis for right design at first time. WiWO tech team has strong knowledge in SI theory and expertise in simulation tools to analyse various SI issues like reflection due to impedance mismatch, crosstalk, signal attenuation and PDN noise which affects the interconnect performance. SI analysis can be carried out at Pre layout as well as Post layout phase and suggestions are provided for SI issues

 Planning the stack-up for controlled impedance, dielectric material selection for high frequency operation, I/O buffer selection from different drive strength, topology optimization, termination strategy, routing specifications (Trace width, spacing and length matching) and floor planning for critical components are carried out in pre-layout analysis.

Simulation of routed board for potential SI issues like reflection, overshoot/undershoot, crosstalk, attenuation and EMI issues are carried out in post-layout analysis.

EM simulation services Capabilities

  • Reflection/Ringing, Overshoot/Undershoot
  • Crosstalk analysis
  • Signal attenuation due to IR drop, Skin effect, Dielectric loss
  • Power integrity analysis
  • Power distribution network impedance analysis
  • De coupling capacitor estimation and placement optimization