RF Design

The greatest challenge in a wireless product development is perhaps the design of the RF front end of the product. It poses one of the toughest challenges right from the basic component selection to the system integration. In addition, RF circuits must co-exist with substantial sections of digital/analog circuits, which adds to the complexity and have made the design of RF system boards a slow and highly iterative process.
WiWoTech can be your one stop destination for all your RF design requirements. We can design, develop, and manufacture Circuits, Subsystems & Systems, and modules for RF and microwave communications, used in wireless, defence, space, telecom, industrial, medical applications.

RF design capabilities

  • RF Board design – Single and Multi layers board design with EMI compliance
  • RF Module design – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth low energy, Bluetooth, GPS, WiMAX, ZigBee, GSM, RFID, LTE module design meeting wireless standard specifications
  • EM Simulation – EM Simulation of PCB board layout for RF chain Performance analysis, Link budget estimation, 50 Ohm trace impedance check, EMI/EMC analysis, Impedance matching
  • RF System design – WiFi Phone system design, GSM repeater design, GPS tracking system, Bluetooth low energy based heart rate monitor….
  • RF Passives Component design– Filters, Couplers, Power dividers and combiners
  • RF Actives Component design– Amplifiers, Oscillators, Frequency synthesizers and Mixers
  • Test jig development for production testing of RF modules
  • Evaluation board design for characterizing RF Modules
  • Post silicon system validation board design for Characterizing RF Chipsets

RF design flow

  • Concept study
  • Wireless System/Module Architecture definition
  • Component selection(RF/Analog/digital/power supply) / Component Procurement
  • RF Circuit simulation
  • Cascaded budget analysis/Link budget analysis/Multi radio coexistence analysis
  • Multi-layer PCB board schematic design
  • Multi-layer PCB board layout design
  • 3D EM Simulation of PCB layout for RF Chain performance ,50 Ohm trace performance, Impedance matching/EMI/EMC performance
  • PCB board fabrication/assembly
  • PCB board bring up/de-bugging
  • RF performance testing as per Wireless/Mil standard
  • FCC/ETSI regulatory testing

RF design services offered

  • Wireless Module Design
  • RF/Wireless system Design
  • Post silicon board design
  • Wireless link budget analysis
  • Custom Transmitter/Receiver design
  • Multi radio design
  • RF Circuit Design
  • RF Simulations
  • Evaluation board design
  • Propagation analysis
  • Military RF Applications
  • Cascaded RF Chain analysis