RF and Antenna Testing

RF Testing

RF testing is a very important part of the design and manufacturing process of a RF product. It is involved in different stages of the product development from RF component selection to complete RF system deployment in the product. The measurements are highly dependent on the nature and kind of RF component, sub system or system which is subjected for measurements.

At WiWoTech we offer complete spectrum of RF measurements starting from simple insertion/return loss, phase, spectrum and power measurements to complex inter modulation, harmonics, noise figure and gain measurements. The services are rendered in the different stages of your product design starting from RF component selection and subsystem validation to board level integration and system level validation.

Our skilled man power is capable of conducting the RF testing according to various wireless standards like Bluetooth, GPS, and WiFi… Also passives like filters, couplers, power dividers, actives like amplifiers, mixers, oscillators can also be tested for their RF performance

RF Testing Capabilities

  • Noise figure measurement
  • Intermodulation measurements
  • Gain compression measurements
  • Peak, Average power measurements
  • Harmonic/Spurious measurements
  • C/I receiver selectivity measurement
  • Blocking measurements
  • Phase noise measurements
  • Adjacent channel power/Spectral mask measurements
  • Insertion loss/Gain measurement
  • Return loss/VSWR measurement

Antenna Testing

The accurate measurements of antenna performance are mandatory for a successful wireless product design. The wireless product development cycle involves antenna measurements at different stages of development. The antenna testing can be carried out in indoor anechoic chamber range or far field range depending on the type of antenna, application

Antenna Testing Capabilities

  • Radiation pattern measurements
  • Beam width measurements
  • Gain and Directivity measurements
  • VSWR measurements
  • Polarization and axial ratio measurements

RF/Antenna Testing Services Offered

  • RF Testing of Wireless Modules
  • RF testing of Wireless System
  • RF Tuning of circuits and systems
  • Far Field range antenna testing
  • FCC /ETSI regulatory testing
  • Radio Range Testing
  • RF Testing of Circuits
  • System validation testing of chips
  • Near field range antenna testing
  • Antenna tuning
  • EMI/EMC testing
  • Production Testing