IC Package/SIP Design

Designing IC package for today’s products requires balancing packaging choices to meet requirements of customer target cost, size and performance. Packaging choices range from standard single die packages to System-in-Package (SiP). Cost, size and performance are influenced by device technologies, Routing topology, substrate materials, embedded and discrete passives, shielding and encapsulation techniques. Successful design requires not only an understanding of all of these, but also system and schematic knowledge, substrate design and characterization capabilities, and the skills to present and make engineering trade-offs. Making the right choices can define the success of a Package / Product
WiWoTech design team has considerable experience in designing semiconductor packages and process lots of new designs from our customer base every year, we focus on high density IC Package (BGA/LGA/CSP), accumulated a wealth of experience in PiP/MCM/3D stack/SiP (system in Package)

Our advantage lies in:

  • High quality, reliable, and cost effective designs
  • DFM (Design For Manufacturing) and DFC (Design for Cost)
  • Design automation and support
  • Use of state-of-the-art design software
  • Design Chain Management and Design Chain Optimization
  • Excellent customer design collaboration to meet thermal, electrical, and mechanical requirements

IC Packaging/SIP Design Capabilities

  • Package technology
    • Single die, Multi die, Stacked die and SIP
    • FC-BGA, WB-BGA, CSP, QFN, POP, LGA, Custom leaded and leadless Package
    • HMC – Thick and Thin film substrates
    • Custom package design
  • Material technology
    • Organic
    • Polyimide
    • Rogers
    • Thick Film substrates
    • LTCC
    • HTCC
    • FR4
  • Design Services
    • IC Package / SIP design
    • SI / PI Analysis
    • Thermal analysis
    • Single window prototyping services