WiWoTech Systems Pvt Ltd core capabilities includes RF and antenna design, IC Packaging and SIP design . Other capabilities include SI analysis, RF and antenna testing, EMI/EMC failure analysis, PCB design, Educational and Corporate training

  • RF Design — WiWoTech offers RF system, subsystem and module-level design services from Sub-GHz to 12 GHz band of frequencies.

  • Antenna Design  — WiWoTech offers low profile/high gain/array antenna/beam forming/MIMO antenna design services  from Sub-GHz to 12 GHz band of frequencies.

  • IC Package/SIP Design — WiWoTech offers IC Package/SIP Design services with focus on high density IC packages like BGA,LGA,CSP

  • RF& Antenna Testing — WiWoTech offers RF/Antenna testing services from Sub-GHz to 12 GHz band of frequencies catering to most of the wireless technologies

  • SI analysis — WiWoTech offers signal integrity analysis at Pre-Layout and Post-Layout stages to eliminate signal integrity problems early in the design cycle

  • PCB Design — WiWoTech offers PCB design services with capability of carrying out RF/Analog/Digital/Mixed signal multilayer PCB up to 32 layers in rigid/flex substrates

  • EMI/EMC failure analysis — WiWoTech offers the RF design knowledge to solve your EMI/EMC issues

  • Educational/Corporate Training — WiWoTech offers real time training courses/workshops to Corporates and Educational institutions in the area of Wireless Technologies/RF design/Antenna design//IC packaging/PCB design/EM Simulation tools